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How to Set up Payment with Select Health

If you signed up for a plan through

Call 801 442 4908 option 5 at least 2 days after the application was completed. Provide them with payment info. The easiest way is to pay for the first month and following months through a checking account on auto pay. Your premium will come out around the 10th of every month. Just provide them with your routing and account number.

If you would like to pay with a card, you need to call and make the first payment over the phone then set up future payments through your “myhealth” account. To create a “myhealth” account go to  You can call us or member services for trouble creating the account or making payments online. 

If you signed up directly through Select Health

We may have set it up on auto pay for you through a checking account, if that is the case you are good!

If you would like to pay with a card you will need to visit and create your “myhealth” account to make payments through a card.

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