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Instructions on how to verify income to



  1. If you have an account on, continue. If you do not have an account skip ahead to 2.


A. log in.

B. You will get to the screen shown below, click on your name (by the red arrow.)

c. There will be a drop down, click on “my applications” you will be brought to the screen shown below. Click on the most current application.

D. Once you have clicked on the application. The next screen is shown below. Click on “Application Details”

E. Once you have clicked on Application details on the next screen you will see “view eligibility results” (see picture below). This will bring up a PDF that will have more instructions on how to verify income or other information that is needed.  If there are items needed, further down the page you will see a green button that says verify. If you click on the green button it will allow you to upload any documentation that is needed.(See pictures below) That’s it you’re done!!

2. If you do not have a account continue to 2A.

(If you have already made an account, just don’t have the password or can’t log in you can always try creating a new one with a new email.)


A. You will need to make an account. Go to, on the top right of the screen you will see log in, click that.


B.You will be brought to a page that will allow you to log in, since you don’t have an account click “create one now” (see picture below).


C.  Follow the steps to create your account.


D.  To verify income you will need to access your current application. Since you just made a new account it won’t be in there yet. Once logged in to your new account click on your name in the upper right hand corner. There will be a drop down, click “my applications and coverages” (See step 1B)


E.  This will bring you to the page shown below.


F.  Click on “Find my application” you can then enter your application ID number and bring it up. Once your application is found. Go to step 1 C to finish verifying income. (If you do not have an application ID let me know, I can get that for you.)










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